The end of 2015

It is the end of 2015. Every time winter comes since I started studying abroad, it makes me feel something missing. A whisper of the wind is turned into a roar. Then someone starts saying that "Oh, it's already in the end of this year." I realise the year will be finished when I hear the conversation. Even though 'a year' is just a period of specific time, which is just someone's decision, it seems something special. 

I have lots of memory that I am satisfied with it, and feel like the memory of this year is over a year. Moving to a new environment had a lot of influence to my life, which is the joy of finding something new and the pleasure of understanding myself. Of course, I don't say everything was with a positive emotion, but even if negative feeling was included in my remembrance, my 2015 was absorbing. I want to thank everyone for being with me not only physically but also mentally, and I am very happy if you are happy with me. I hope 2016 will be a great year again. THANK YOU SO MUCH!