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Discover The One Japanese Art in London:30th Jul - 3rd Aug 2019 in London, UK


女流画家協会展: 27th May - 4th Jun 2019 in Tokyo, Japan



SICF20: 3rd - 4th May 2019 in Toyko, Japan 


Field of Now 2019: 27th Feb - 2nd Mar 2019 in Tokyo, Japan


ちょっとしたパーティー: 8th Dec 2018 in Tokyo, Japan


田口愛子展: 19 - 30th NOV 2018 in Tokyo, Japan


Wimbledon Summer Show 2018: 14th - 23rdJun 2018 in London UK


Parallax Art Fair : 3rd - 4th Feb 2018 in London, UK


Elements : 18th - 24th Aug 2017 in Tokyo, Japan 


SICF 18 : 2nd - 3rd May 2017 in Tokyo, Japan

Remarkable? : 27th - 31st Mar 2017 in Barcelona, Spain

Paper Boats and the Rising Sun: 19th - 25th Feb 2017 in Boston

Line of Edge: 28th June - 2nd July 2016 in Tokyo, Japan

Intimate Projection: 22nd - 27th Feb 2016 in London, UK

Pintora presents: WORKS ON PAPER: 29th - 30th Oct 2015 in London, UK

未来へつなぐ展: 17th - 24th May 2015 in Tokyo, Japan

Foundation Show 2015: 14th - 16th May 2015 in London, UK

Aiko Taguchi Artist's CV
Aiko Taguchi Artist's CV 2018.pdf
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Aiko Taguchi Artist's statement 2018
Aiko Taguchi artist’s statement May 2018
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